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Puppy Release Video For New Single 'Glacial'

Puppy have revealed their latest music video, this time for current single 'Glacial'. Directed and edited by Will Michael from the band, with all animation being created by friend and artist, Sam Bailey.

As the band explain,

"This was our second collaboration with our good friend Sam Bailey, who also animated the title sequence for the 'Arabella' (from EP Vol II) video. Sam was really into the aesthetic of late 90’s computer game graphics and did an incredible job of animating the entire sequence we dreamed up to beautiful low poly perfection. For this video we wanted to create something that felt like the end credit scene from a video game that never existed. Games of the early 3D era often had really ambitious ending sequences that served as a reward for completing the game, they usually ended with the message “Thanks for playing”, and since Glacial would be the last single to come off Pure Evil we thought it was an appropriate sentiment."


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