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Pianos Become The Teeth Release Video For New Single 'Skiv'

Baltimore/D.C. Post-Hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth share their latest single and music video “Skiv” from newly announced album "Drift" out on August 26th.

As the follow up to lead single “Genevieve,” this Portishead inspired ballad has a sense of impending doom that lingers with you even when the track draws to a close. Its slow-burning dark verses give way for fleeting moments of optimism in the chorus, but soon revert to the melancholy melody. Layers of nostalgic string and horn arrangements add an element warmth to the track’s minimalist atmosphere.

Guitarist Mike York expresses his feelings on the track, stating,

“'Skiv' is one of my favorite songs we have ever done. It's slow and brooding and feels uncomfortably dry at times. This song feels like what a 3 AM night feels like to me after having too much to drink.”


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