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PALE WAVES - 'Perfume' Single Review

So shall we start with the good news? Pale Waves are back with new music, an album, 'Smitten', is coming later in the year (September to be precise) of which 'Perfume' is the lead single. They are also currently touring in the States and are also playing several UK festivals. There is however no UK tour currently announced so fingers crossed there is one to support the new album.

So what’s the bad news? Well aside from the limited number of UK appearances currently planned for this year there actually isn’t any. There is however some fantastic news and that’s quite simply that the new single is brilliant.

Think The Smiths mixed with The Cranberries with a sprinkling of The Cure and you’re getting close to just how good this is. It’s very much lead singer Heather being totally honest and authentic about who she is, who she has been, how she feels and, with the rest of the band playing better than ever which, given how good they’ve been for a number of year is a very high bar, it’s a brilliant first release from the album.

If the rest of the forthcoming 4th album is as good as this then please release it now, it’s not fair to make us wait for it!

Heather is on record as saying 'Perfume' encapsulates the new world they’ve created, given how good it is all I want to know is where do I sign up for the bands brave new world as this one is clearly full of emotion, longing, romance and obsession all parcelled up in some brilliant writing and playing.

It’s a hook laden jangly alt-Rock masterpiece, can the rest of the album be this good? I really, really hope so! I’m hoping to get to Kendal Calling and really hope they play the new music. If you’re there go see them, they are brilliant live and this new song suggests they are only going to get better!

Review - Iain McClay


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