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Paint Me In Colour Release Video For New Single 'Better Than This'

Liverpool-based Alternative/Indie quartet Paint Me In Colour are delighted to reveal their new single ‘Better Than This’ which is set for release on 24th June 2022.

Commenting on the track, vocalist Liv says:

“I wrote ‘Better Than This’ at a time when I felt I was just jumping from one shit job to another, trying to do whatever to keep things ticking along. I was tired of the same old and wanted to take a leap and pursue what I really loved. I remember sitting one day and thinking ‘I’m better than this’ and that’s what sparked it. The lyrics and music are a bit of a journey, constantly switching from happy to sad, much like how I was feeling day to day with my emotions being very up and down. At its core ‘Better Than This’ shows that you don’t need someone else to give you self worth. You don’t need anyone to do that.”


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