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October Drift Release Video For New Single 'Blame The Young'

October Drift have released the video for their new single ‘Blame The Young’ out now via Physical Education Recordings.

‘Blame The Young’ is a visceral rock track about standing up against denial, be that on a personal level or seen in the wider spectrum of society. The new video captures their high-energy passionate performances and has been filmed in their rehearsal room and studio in Somerset.

The single is currently receiving strong radio play across BBC 6Music and Radio X, with the latter now also adding the single to their X-Posure playlist from this weekend.

Regarding the single frontman and guitarist Kiran Roy says,

“Denial is the best friend you could ever have. It’s a defence mechanism to avoid stress and anxiety but in doing so, ignores reality.
“This song works on an individual level – “why am I not where I want to be in life?” You avoid talking or even thinking about the issues - your relationships, alcohol, drugs, grief – whatever it is. You deny asking for help, you bury it deep, but it's going to bubble up unexpectedly and uncontrollably. This attempt to escape pain in turn creates more pain. 
“It’s about blame, on that personal level, but also on a wider picture socially and politically - the housing crisis, the food crisis, poverty, the unravelling of the NHS. Whether it’s blaming the young, blaming immigration. Climate denial while there is sewage in our waters… Our pasts, our futures, culture wars, actual wars  - passing the blame and denying realities happens all the time.”


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