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Ocean Grove Release Video For New Single 'SEX DOPE GOLD'

Fresh from the announcement that their visionary third album 'Up In The Air Forever' is dropping in April, Ocean Grove are serving up another injection of high octane creative juice direct from the belly of the Oddworld™. The 'SEX DOPE GOLD' single and video release further exemplifies the inspired vision and creative intellect of the album and its makers.

“Contrary to the abundant messaging we unconsciously receive daily through pop culture, television and advertising to embrace and satisfy our sensory urges, 'SEX DOPE GOLD' is the antithesis to this “norm”,"

says Ocean Grove of the track.

"This song speaks of the trap we sometimes fall into in the material world: insatiable material consumption, addiction to sensory gratification and the inflation of the false ego. Ultimately, these temporary and reactionary experiences are merely an illusory escape route from the uncomfortable and unknown. If the ending of Scarface tells us anything, it is that the pursuit for sex, money and power may not turn out the way we'd hope and that it's a vacuous pursuit. Let your ears be your eye and see your world’s truth on a platter.”


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