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NOVA TWINS - 'Supernova' Album Review


1. Power (Intro) 2. Antagonist 3. Cleopatra 4. K.M.B. 5. Fire & Ice 6. Puzzles 7. A Dark Place for Somewhere Beautiful 8. Toolbox 9. Choose Your Fighter 10. Enemy 11. Sleep Paralysis

I know it’s been said many before and I’m sure it will be many times again but there really isn’t anyone else out there like the NOVA TWINS, they are a one band genre. They mix elements of Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Punk and R&B and so much else but all with a social conscience, a playfulness and a razor sharp focus on gender issues, real life and a real need to make you move in response to the music they make.

They are a force of nature and this second album, 'Supernova', cements their importance and showcases their sheer talent.

It deals with everything from female sexual empowerment to bereavement and a whole gamut of emotions in between. It’s dark, it’s light , it’s intense and it makes you want to dance, what more do you need?

The lyrics always drag you in, they are highly intelligent but also highly engaging, this is not an intellectual exercise, it’s primal and guttural but it also plays with your emotions while making you think. The playing is everything you would expect from such a great band and there isn’t a weak song on this album.

They play with your perceptions, they don’t confirm and they don’t want you to be too comfortable. What they do clearly want is to push your boundaries, to get you listening to new things, to get you appreciating that defining someone according to how they dress or look is just plain stupid and to open your minds, both musically and on a wider level.

It is a work of a band who consider nothing sacred, who are willing to challenge every preconception and rule but who also know they need to entertain their audience. If this doesn’t make you want to dive into a mosh pit while throwing some shapes ( a bizarre combination I know) then you need to learn to appreciate great music.

It’s not possible to pick a favourite song here, it’s all of a level of quality that I found it impossible. They can take you up, they can bring you down, they can rock, they can be introspective, I suppose the question has to be is there anything this band can’t do?

When I listen to new music I’m often trying to work out the influences, to help me understand where the band is coming from and what they are trying to achieve, the greatest compliment I can pay NOVA TWINS is I expect them to be the band other bands are influenced by, I just hope enough people recognise what’s going on here and how great this is while they can. Too many truly great bands are only really appreciated after their time when other musicians start quoting their work, I really hope that doesn’t happen here, they are too good for that.

I can’t wait for them to play this live, it’s going to be amazing!

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Review - Iain McClay

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