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Nothing More - The Garage, Glasgow 19.02.2024

A Monday night in The Garage at Glasgow is probably the last place on earth I’d have expected being stood listening to a sold out crowd singing Take Me Home Country Roads yet there I was (singing along I may add) as the John Denver classic blasted out and suddenly took on a dark distorted remix welcoming San Antonio’s Nothing More to the stage on their current short run of UK dates. The first thing I notice is the stage is unusually clear no Scorpions Tail, no bassinator or extra drum kits meaning the Grammy nominated quartet were here to let the music do the talking and with the opening smack in the teeth of 'Let Em Burn' it wasn’t going to be a quiet wee chat over tea! From the get go Johnny Hawkins is a whirling dervish absolutely possessed by his art with the crowd hanging on his every word, twist and turn across the stage.

'Do You Really Want It' and 'Don’t Stop' are up next and Hawkins and Mark Vollelunga (guitar) are both already making visits to the security barrier to be up close to their fans who are going nuts for every last note!

Johnnys stage presence is very striking with the body paint but it is his voice that is the real star, his range and delivery is second to none and at times reminds me of a band I used to love but sadly never saw Fair To Midland.

'Go To War' is a prime example, such a powerful delivery with Ben Anderson and Daniel Oliver (drums and bass respectively) pounding out the rhythm while Mark crunches out that riff leaving no doubt that this band are on top of their game in every way. Vollelunga is an incredible player managing to combine so much in his playing that a lot of bands would need two guitarists to cover.

We are treated to a brand new track 'Angel Song' and the way it was received it was as if it had been a set staple for age ! And such is the passion of Nothing Mores fan base. I was looking around at sea of faces all singing every track word perfect some clearly overwhelmed at seeing their favourite band with tears of joy streaming while they punched the air in time to their favourite songs.

'Tired of Winning. is the first of four tracks from the latest album .Spirits. to get an airing and holy shit they’re not mellowing out or taking prisoners any time soon. A mix of electronics and dirty riffs just take your face off in the best way of cours ) and pave the way for Hawkins to once again get into your head with his lyrics. I think of the four 'Face It' was my particular favourite being so heavy in its structure but retaining a great melody throughout

'Fade-in/Fadeout' is a jaw dropper of a tune at best of times but live it takes on a new life with each member of the crowd relating to it in their own way but all connecting to it as one taking the roof off Glasgow’s Garage in unison total goosebump moment !

To be honest Nothing More are a band to be seen to get the full impact and yeah the records are great to get to know the songs beforehand but believe me the live experience is a totally bigger better beast!

'Ocean Floor' and 'This Is The Time' close out the set with a ferocious finale of Hawkins on the barrier beating the crap out of drums held by the front row faithful flanked by Mark & Dan “ 'we are a band that don’t play encores '“ Johnny yells and to be fair they leave so much of themselves on the stage during the set there’s no need and the audience know it!

I first saw Nothing More opening for Papa Roach and I thought then they were gonna be a force to be reckoned with. Glad that tonight they proved me right tenfold !

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