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Nervus Release New Single 'Jellyfish'

Following the exceptional singles 'Drop Out' and 'Rental Song', NERVUS drop the final single before the release of their album 'The Evil One' (Out June 24th via Get Better Records). A jangly, 90s infused Alt-Rock tune, 'Jellyfish' is the new single from the much-loved underground queer punks.

Speaking about 'Jellyfish', vocalist Em Foster says

"‘Jellyfish’ is about how the dominant culture - white supremacy and capitalism - requires us to view ourselves as outside of or separate to ‘nature’. ‘Nature’ being a non-intelligent, infinitely-exploitable resource, rather than a complex interdependent web of life that we are necessarily part of and responsible for." She then adds:"It’s also about rejecting the largely racist, anti-LGBT and cultish ‘appeal-to-nature’ fallacies that are influencing policies on everything from abortion to trans rights.”


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