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Motörhead - 'Ace Of Spades' 40th Anniversary Box Set Review


1. Ace Of Spades

2. Love Me Like A Reptile

3. Shoot You In The Back

4. Live To Win

5. Fast And Loose

6. We Are) The Road Crew

7. Fire Fire

8. Jailbait

9. Dance

10. Bite The Bullet

11. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

12. The Hammer

Live From Whitla Hall:

1. Ace Of Spades

2. Stay Clean

3. Over The Top

4. The Hammer

5. Shoot You In The Back

6. Metropolis

7. (We Are) The Road Crew

8. No Class

9. Bite The Bullet

10. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

11. Jailbait

12. Leaving Here

13. Capricorn

14. Too Late, Too Late

15. Overkill

16. Bomber

17. Motörhead

To celebrate 40 years since its release, Motorhead have put out a remastered deluxe edition of their Classic album 'Ace Of Spades', comprised of the original album and live tracks from a newly unearthed, previously unreleased concert, recorded at Whitla Hall, Belfast on 23rd December 1981. 

Now I don't need to sit here and write about each individual track. 'Ace Of Spades' is one of the most iconic albums not just in Metal, but in music itself. The new mix, which is made from the original tapes, brings a new lease of life to the tracks and it is absolutely glorious. I'm sure Lemmy and the crew would be more than happy with how it's turned out. 

As for the Live portion of the album, it captures the essence of Motorhead at their peak perfectly. I can't speak from experience, having never personally seen them live, but it sounds like one of the defining gigs of the 80's.

I can't think of a better way to not only celebrate 40 years of 'Ace Of Spades', but the memory of Lemmy, Phil "Philty Animal" Taylor and Fast Eddie Clarke as well. Any self respecting Motorhead fan needs to own this edition. 

Review - Gordon Rae


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