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MNYS Releases New Single 'In Progress (Acoustic)'

He is a prolific writer and producer who has spent a decade working on other artist projects, most recently he wrote "Thought It Was" for Iann Dior featuring MGK & Travis Barker.

He has now premiered a brand new video and single titles "In Progress (Acoustic)"

"The concept started as a joke about demo songs being followed by "WIP." In the songwriting community it's common to title something as a "day of" or "in progress" when the song/mix isn't quite where you think it could be."

says MNYS

"We took the concept of being a demo and applied it to our human selves. We've all tried to hide our insecurities or flaws - or wanted to 'fast forward to the good part' when life gets uncomfortable. But the reality is, that's where the beauty lies. And that's what makes each of us unique."


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