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Mannequin Death Squad Release New Single 'Everybody's Movin'

Australian punk duo Mannequin Death Squad have unveiled their explosive single 'Everybody's Movin' following a whirlwind 2023 that saw them tour across UK, Europe and India.

'Everybody's Movin' resonates with an undeniable force, driven by grunge-infused guitar riffs and audacious vocals from lead singer Elly Vex. The self-produced track - mixed by Brent Quirk and mastered by Matt Gray- features a melody with a relentless hook, which refuses to release its grip as their rebellious spirit continues to intensify with unwavering dynamism. As the bridge softens to allow a brief respite, the rallying lyrics assert an anthemic presence until Elly's concluding breath.

Mannequin Death Squad explain the inspiration behind 'Everybody's Movin':

"'Everybody's Movin' is about one of those nights out when you just don't want to be there. The energy is raging, the music is shaking the floors. But deep down, it's as if you've wandered onto a set where you don't belong. The initial glamour of bright lights and attractive people has morphed into a bizarre world where everyone's trashed, the floor is on the ceiling, and the flies are all dead.  Leaving you in a personal tug-of-war between social pressure and the strong desire to exit."


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