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M.A.G.S. Releases New Single 'Destroyer'

Elliott Douglas, aka M.A.G.S., has released the immersive and expansive title-track from his forthcoming album ‘Destroyer’, which it has just been announced will be released 4th August via Smartpunk Records.

‘Destroyer’ opens the album and combines the sharp edges of post-punk with melodies and chords akin to a Carole King tune. With vivid lyrical imagery, M.A.G.S. sets an eerie precedent for what to expect in the upcoming journey of an album.

‘Destroyer’ throws you head-first into a realm of sonic and emotional turmoil, opening a proverbial Pandora's box of self-realisation.

Says M.A.G.S.:

“I want my listeners to be immersed in the desolation and chaos of this world, I want them to come face to face with the ugly truth… the dark underbelly of their subconscious… all the internalized trauma and destruction. And I want them to be smiling as they face it, because they can see they are not being swallowed by their darkness but that they are, in fact, holding it in the palm of their hand.”


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