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LOVEBREAKERS Release Video For New Single 'Primary Colours'

LOVEBREAKERS have released a new video for single 'Primary Colours', the title track from the bands debut album of the same name which is out the 25th June.

From singer and guitarist Jack Perry, about the track -

'One of the last songs to be written for the record The record has this element of “hope” running through it, so I thought lyrically it would be best to write “Primary Colours” as a conclusion to the whole record, hence being the last track. We all agreed that we wanted this to be the title, so I wanted to give it close attention whilst writing it. In the lyrics I refer to this “better place” where everything is perfect, but it’s actually a metaphor for wanting to change your inner self. I was listening to a lot of timeless, rock ’n’ roll music at the time and my intention was to keep it simple. The main riff is three chords, then the same but reversed, how simple can you get! I’m unsure how many times I play that riff but it’s a lot of fun to play live because of the key meaning behind it. When your day isn’t going too well, I hope “Primary Colours” can offer you some positivity and inspiration. Have hope, be patient, things will get better.'

From lead guitarist Chino on the 'Primary Colours' video -

“I remember having this little riff, Springsteen inspired (we originally named it 'the Springsteen one') and jammed it out for an evening. The vibe really came together when myself and Christian randomly dropped out of the jam but Marcus and Jack carried on after the intro into the verses. We all gave each other 'the look' and that was it. At this point in the album, Jack was finding it useful to have song names as inspiration, so Christian suggested 'Primary Colours'. We all thought it sounded great and a week later Jack came along with incredible lyrics and melody as per usual, and we were away."


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