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Love In Reverse - 'I'm An Illusion' Album Review


1. Bella Baby 2. I'm An Illusion 3. Adultery 4. Glam Of God

5. Way Down / Burn It All Down 6. Something's Up 7. No Way This Time 8. Blood Donor 9. Arrived

One thing I have learned from Michael Ferentinos body of work is you never get what you expect from him. This is Love In Reverse's third album and for me, probably their best.

So just what can you expect from 'I’m An Illusion'? Well expect a well crafted slice of Pop perfection frankly. It’s beautiful, it oozes gorgeous. It sounds effortless, something that I’m sure it wasn’t, not for something so perfect!

I would go so far as to say in my humble opinion and in a perfect world all of the 9 songs that make up the album could be released as singles and all be hits. It’s Glam Rock, it’s Pop, it’s Space Rock. It’s just “right”. Even on first listen the album feels like one of your best friends, I found myself humming along to songs I’d never heard before like I had heard them all my life. I’m going to keep this review short and sweet.

Buy 'I’m An Illusion' by Love In Reverse and you can thank me later. It is on course for my album of the year.

Review - Andrew Forcer


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