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Last Dinosaurs Release Video For New Single 'N.P.D'

After unveiling their dystopian future-themed transmission RYU, the indie rock trio Last Dinosaurs continue the story with a cutting new song called “N.P.D.”

Lachlan takes over from his brother Sean as the songwriter and storyteller delivering a warning sign to the kind of egocentrism that will eventually lead to humanity’s downfall. Lach sings coolly: “Oh, I just wanna use you to help me out.” The haunting, nostalgic Beach Boys-like outro calls to mind a simpler time before the looming threat of global extinction.


Lachlan explains:

“'N.P.D' is about the narcissist, to the pathological level. It’s a parody on the usurer, the sleaze, and the conniving human being. The idea is that they are so unconsciously narcissistic and self-serving that they give themselves away all too easily. In this case, in the form of a song.”


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