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KNIFE BRIDE Release Video For New Single 'smother (make me suffer)'

Brighton “Nu-Gothika” metal band KNIFE BRIDE have released a raging new single ‘smother (make me suffer)’, which will feature on a new EP ‘don’t dream too much’ - out 25th August.

Vocalist Mollie Buckley says the collection is

"A trilogy of my gruesome dreams. A one night cycle of disturbing visions.”

The music video for ‘smother (make me suffer)’ certainly conjures nightmarish thoughts. The track evokes some seriously messed-up feelings and marries an adoration of sonics spanning a spectrum of Spiritbox to Kate Bush.

Says Buckley:

“This is the flickery eye, heart racing, electric pulsing part of falling into sleep. I wanted to incorporate the word 'smother' into a song ever since being obsessed with the song 'smother me' by The Used from the age of 14 - the lyrical content is actually inspired as a response to this song. ‘smother (make me suffer)’ attempts to 'poke fun' at the male gaze. The chorus does this by saying “hope I stay fresh for you”, alluding to hoping my corpse is still beautiful, clean, and looking/smelling good - satirically commenting on being a subservient female and letting a man have his cake and eat it.”


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