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JJ Wilde – 'Wilde' EP Review


1. Bushweed

2. Off The Rails

3. Mercy

4. Someone Under You

5. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (JJ Wilde & The Glorious Sons)

6. Best Boy

When you can write songs like these, sing them this well and put this much attitude in to the whole thing how can people not love it? Just listen to any one song on this EP, if you don’t like it then fair enough although I suspect you and I can never be friends!

The lead single 'Mercy' is the song that epitomises what JJ Wilde is all about, soaring vocals, buzzing then soaring guitars, an almost choral backing vocal, attitude, wonderful lyrics and just the sheer joy of what Rock can be. It’s perfect, I have always loved female vocalists and I am so pleased I got to hear this EP.

I spent a lot of the record trying to work out who she reminds me of, I think she may be be a combination of Stevie Nicks, Cheryl Crow, Pat Benetar, Debbie Harry and Shelby Lynnewith some PJ Harvey and possibly some Pearl Harts as well. But she’s is very much her own person, the world needs another woman Rock singer with this much attitude, how could it not?

Having the courage to cover Stevie Nicks 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around' says all you need to know about JJ Wilde. This is Stevie Nicks with a chainsaw in her hand, you wouldn’t mess with her! The song itself is rockier then the original but it works, I was a bit nervous when I saw this on the EP but I shouldn’t have been, it’s different while not being too radical.

If you need a soundtrack to your life that will make you want to get up, jump around and never back down look no further!

Review - Iain McClay


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