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jackie - 'Hey Angel' EP Review


1. My Best Years

2. Love To Give

3. Right This Time (Don't Wanna Be)

4. Leaving Tomorrow (Figure It Out)

5. Filter

6. I Can't Forget The Feeling

I love this EP, enough said! What, you want more? It’s beautifully sung, the writing is tremendous and the playing perfect. Still not enough?

Okay, so how do I explain why I like this so much, I think it’s because it’s a return to the basics of music and why I got into it in the first place. jackie write songs that are too the point, emotional and poignant, they have guitars, drums, base and a proper singer. I’ve always preferred female singers, it’s a personal thing with me, from Maria McKee to Janis Joplin I think they just have more impact, more emotion in their voices (with a few notable exceptions amongst male singers).

This is a Rock EP, but in the sense that Bruce Springsteen is Rock, or Sheryl Crow. It’s probably more on the mellow side than a lot of what I’ve listened to recently but every so often they do show they can Rock such as on the first song of the EP, 'My Best Years', but my favourite song on this EP is 'Right This Time (Don’t Wanna Be)' however, there isn’t a weak song on here!

jackie use relatively familiar soundscapes on the whole but what raises this EP above much of the other music out there is is the quality of the lyrics, just when you think they are almost becoming almost saccharine, they use language that is unexpected and yet fits perfectly. It’s a rare talent to know when to use a swear word in a way that has maximum impact but doesn’t feel remotely gratuitous.

I will keep listening to this, you should as well, the band are touring the UK in 2022, see you there?

Just give them a listen and listen to the whole EP, it’s worth your time,, I honestly don’t think you’ll regret it.

Review - Iain McClay


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