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Interview With Between You & Me

Before they took on the Key Club Leeds on the second night of their Shit Yeah UK Tour, I caught up with Jake and Bassy of Between You & Me. Here's what they had to say,

So by now you guys are well acquainted with touring in the UK by nowhere. You've done a fair few supports slots, a couple appearances at slam dunk, How does it feel to be on your first headline over here? 

Jake - It's weird, like the first the first time we played Uh where are we Leeds? Was this venue

Bassy - Yeah. 

J - Was this venue and and coming back like I was looking for the the room that we were in last time and it's all changed we haven't been here in like five years. 

B - Over five years. 

Was that the WSTR tour? 

J+B Yeah.

I actually caught you guys on that tour in Newcastle.

J- Oh, that was the best show on that tour, great tour. It feels great like last night it was the first show, like, just kind of you know we haven't played a show like as a band in a while, we did a one off in November but before that was like still a bit of a gap, and we had some new songs that we were playing so we're like how are they gonna sound, do people like us still? Will people come just for Broadside and Young Culture?

B- When I walked on stage, I remembered that we do this but like holding my bass again felt weird.

And it was a little bit daunting this being our headliner because we didn't know, like you know, people show up for us at home, but, like overseas is a different beast, it's something that we always wanted to do, and it's like last night went off and now, we feel a little bit more comfortable because we like conquered one show so...

That actually leads quite well into my next question, how much of a difference is their touring in the UK and touring back home in Australia? 

J - It's fucking dark here. 

B - We are always here in winter, though, like the tail end of winter

In 2022 I believe it was like March April time on the State Champs tour?

J+B - Yeah.

J - I think it's just always cold to be honest. What else is different? The drives are pretty short, which is nice.

B - Yeah. 

J - Um, Greggs Love Greggs. I've hit Greggs like twice every day since I've been here. Like what other differences are there?

B- I mean I feel like the crowds go off a little bit more here. I think at home, some cities at home, you have to work the crowd a little bit more. Um and yeah because we don't come that often. I mean, we have been here a few times, but we come here, maybe, like once a year if that.


J- I feel like every other country apart from Australia like gets around gigs on a weekday whereas like, people in in Melbourne or Sydney, like, well only enjoy themselves on a Friday night if they see a gig on a Tuesday It's like "eh I got work tomorrow. I'm not gonna get into it." 

So by now you've had two albums out, the brilliant 'Everything Is Temporary' and 'Armageddon'. You've been dropping new music, like you said about the one-off show in November, Is there any hints of album three or?

B- Ooh album three? I don't think so. None of that. No we're never doing another record again.

J- Nah, we're gonna do an EP just because we like, we, when we recorded it like early last year, we didn't really know what we were kind of doing. We're just like, oh we'll right some songs and see what happens. It's our first independent release since 2016, so we're like, let's just put some stuff out, see what happens. But, there's been talks about, like Writing LP3 at some point our year's pretty packed. Yeah, at the moment. 

No spoilers.

J - Yeah. Trying to find some time to, you know, write and record maybe you're gonna get it in 2024.

It is 2024.

B - But there is an EP coming, which was talked about we're playing some brand newies on this run that won't, well one's coming out next week, which is sick, which I think personally is up there for the best song we've ever done.

J- Could be our best one, yeah. 

B - So yeah, there's an EP coming, probably in the next couple months it'll drop. The next month or so, maybe? So yeah. 

J -Excited, exciting times.

So what is the creative process like as an independent band, not gonna touch on the whole labels stuff for your guys sake, you're very outspoken about that on stage and on social media. but what is it like being fully independent?

J - We've said this before a couple times, but I feel like we, we felt like we were independent anyway. There wasn't like, we weren't one of the big fish that had to get steered by, you know, the label.

B - The corporate machine.

J - Because we weren't making them any money. So we kind of always just did our own anything anyway.

B - I think independence, independency, made us a little bit more lazy. it takes us a lot. I feel like it takes us a lot more time to to get through that, There's no one on our back telling us to put stuff out, like, it's just us.

J - Especially me like we record, we started recording the EP in February last year and I only just finished the vocal in like November, it's yeah, it's good. There's pros and cons for sure, like at least being, I don't know, like there was times where we were writing stuff on the second record where I feel like, other people, like maybe from the label, were like telling us or the producer to keep it in a certain realm.

B - We did. Yeah, our producer was like the label was saying that he wanted us to stay a certain sound but we'll just like telling him to fuck the label the whole time. And but like I mean like his sound helped us out alot.

J- Yeah, for sure.

B - So like writing independently, I feel is a lot more fun because now we just really want to delve into a lot of different things. We have like that pop punk sound down and we know we can do that and have a lot of fun with it, and we want to try and like add a little bit more elements of like what we all enjoy listening to collectively.

So maybe album three hardcore album? 

B - I'm just trying to drop some smart words. So people think I'm smart in text, you know?

This is actually specifically for you Bassy.

J - Oh here we go.

Mike Shinoda [Jake jokingly gets up and starts to leave]

B - My best friend.

What was it like working with him? Like when you got that call, how did you feel?

B - I thought it was a joke, to be honest, one of my friends messaged me who was setting it up and was like "you want to do this thing?" and I was like if it's real, I'll do it for sure. I'll get a tattoo of something to commemorate it, which I ended up getting.

J- What was it?

B - Slay, the word slay! Um, yeah, it was cool. I was a little bit nervous, but, cause like having to learn his music and stuff, I was just like I don't want to fuck it up. Um but after we were in the studio, we practiced a couple times through with the group there and then he walked in and had a conversation with us, and like within I reckon five minutes of being in that room, it felt like we're just peers working together which was just really awesome.

J - I think you practised his songs more than you've practised anything we've written.

B - Yeah, yeah that's true because I didn't practise any songs coming into this tour, my practise was last night.

J - [mockingly] Michael, I need to impress you.

B - Yeah, me and my mate Mike we go way back so nah that was really fun experience with love to do it again any time. But like, I couldn't say no to that it was just too cool. I always used to listen to Linkin Park like in my bedroom blaring around.

J - Do you wanna come play bass for Linkin Park? Nah.

B - He actually did ask me but I said, you know, I've got shit on.

A question in a similar vein is there any one you'd love to collaborate with the band or be asked to go on a track with?

J - Ahhh interesting.

B - I reckon you've got some people for sure.

J - Yeah, The Starting Line, Third Eye Blind, Hansen all three of those, if you guys are listening, [realises mistake] or reading!

I don't know if we quite reach them unfortunately.

J - This could be the one that blows up, you know, Um, I'm usually down for like, actually that's a lie I'm not really down for anything, but if it's any any bands I listen to because like, I barely finish our own music, you know, so if anyone else asked me to write something, I'll never get it done, but if it's The Starting Line, Third Eye Blind or Hanson.

B - This one is one of those ones of like I think we always think about like writing with someone or like getting a feature on a track and whenever we finish it, it's like well we like it the way it sounds like with us, and it's also hard to get people that we like, because there's so much like rigamarole and getting like, talking to managers and getting played or labels, this much money for the track, which like, we just want to, Speaking of features though we do have a cool one on the EP.

J - Are we dropping? 

Is this going to be a 3 Songs & Out exclusive? 

B - Yeah, there's a song that were playing on this tour that has a feature on it which is on the EP and it has [Pause for suspense].

J - Joe from Knuckle Puck.

B - Which is cool because like Knuckle Puck, growing up and like being in this band.

J - [ through laughter] That was really weird.

B - When we first started this band we were like, we like those bands as like an audience member and like as a fan.

J - We pretty much wrote a song exactly like one of their songs for our next EP.

B - And then we got to tour with them and then we became pretty good friends with them. I would say, and then it just happened naturally. And that's the way all of our features have worked especially with Michaela on the first record.

J - Second record.

B - We're just friends with her and then [realises mistake] sorry. I say it's our first one because, yeah. But yeah, like that if we get a feature, it's always like a close friend or someone that we like then, it's easier to work with and there's no..

J - We don't have to go through all the people in between and it be like "yeah you gotta charge this much and call it this, like, featuring such and such instead of the band name." 

B- So yeah, that's a good one. But yeah, I don't know. There's a lot of people that I would love to work with but I don't know if it will happen.

J - Say em, drop some names.

B - I don't know.

Maybe it'll get out, maybe not

B - Yeah. I mean, I've worked with the best in the world, you know, Mike Shinoda, you know, maybe we'll try and get him on a track.

Sorry I think you just dropped that name again there Bassy.

[Both laughing]

Kind of a similar vein, but is there anyone you'd love to tour with? 

J - Oh yeah. All three that I mentioned before. Yeah. Um, who else? We haven't done a big tour with Neck Deep. We toured with them once upon a time in 2018 in Australia. Yeah, it'd be fun here or in the US. Who else? If we're just going to craft it like a dream team, just who would you wanna listen to every night. So I'll pick two. You pick two

B - Their definitely going to be older, though. So they probably wouldn't do anything for us, if something for me.

J - So we'll...

B - We'll open. 

J - We'll open this. So we get to play like 20, 25 minutes and then we get to...

B - perfect...

J - Nothing the rest of the night. Which is the dream. 

B - We just get to sit at side stage, sip a drink and watch our favourite bands.

J - So I will pick Right. So, who's, okay, I'll pick the opener.

B - That's us.

J - That's after us. 

B - So we're before doors. 

On the street.

B - Yeah on the street.

J - Doors open, us. Switchfoot.

B - Switchfoot? Fuck now I gotta think bigger. I'm gunna say New Found Glory, New Found Glory for me.

J - That's a lot.

B- I'd love to watch them every night.

J - Okay, so Switchfoot, New Found Glory, The Starting Line, just because I want them to play a little bit longer, like 45-50. Who's headlining our fest?

B - Third Eye Blind probably.

J - OK thank you. 

B - So then, we'll go, fuck. Someone kind of heavy. I was thinking Stray From The Path I'd love to watch them.

Putting them obviously above Switchfoot.

To be fair they put on a hell of a show

B - I wonder if they'd get along in the green room?

Well, I mean, if Craig Reynolds is as nice as he seems online .

B - I'm sure. 

I've heard only good things from the people around him, and the rest of the guys in Stray too

One final question, and I've got to talk about it. The Triple J Like A Version, All Star.

J - Fuck Yeah.


Brilliant cover. If they would bring back Punk Goes Pop.

B - Here we go.

Would you be willing to do it? And what song would you choose?

B - Always wanted to do it, to be honest.

J - I don't know why they even stopped. Maybe there was a money thing? I don't know.

B - CDs stopped selling.

J - Yeah, I mean I remember buying them on iTunes. But if we had to do it, you pick one and I'll pick one, let's take 20 seconds to think and we'll say at the same time. 

B - So it's a pop song.

J - Pop song, yeah.

B- Okay, I got one.

J - What like one that we've discussed?

B - [Laughing] no.

J - Okay. On go. Three, two, one Like A G6.

B - Millionaire Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars.

J - Why? [Sounding almost in pain]

B - Because I think you'd do the rap part really good. 

And is there any reasoning for Like a G6?

J - We were actually fucking around with doing it before when we were deciding, and I kind of made like a summer of summer campfire version and I was like this kind of, this kind of rocks but no one else wants to do it so.

B - How many songs did we discuss in that?

J - So many, we had a list with like 50, like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus.

B - Yeah 75 was in there.

J- Yeah there's so many.

B - Yeah.

J- That we'd fucking kill.

B- But yeah, if it ever comes back, maybe we'll probably, we've done covers like since we started playing remember when we did Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse? That was on our first ever tour. Yeah, so pop punk.


J - So punk [laughing] Maybe we'll go back to our roots and make a cover album. Won't make any money.

B - Yeah, after we do the next record and then, yeah, no, triple record.

Awesome, thank you guys, it's been a pleasure.

B - Thank you dude.

J - Thanks.

Interview - Gordon Rae


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