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Holly Macve – 'Not The Girl' Album Review


1. Bird

2. Eye Of The Storm

3. Be My Friend

4. You Can Do Better

5. Daddy's Gone

6. Little Lonely Heart

7. Sweet Marie

8. Who Am I

9. Not The Girl

10. Behind The Flowers

11. Lonely Road

Listening to this album my first thought was I should either really be sitting on a rocking chair, on my front porch in the Deep South, sipping a bourbon or in a darkened bar watching a top quality band. It positively reeks of atmosphere in a way that isn’t as easy to create as some people might think.

I loved it, purely and simply, it’s just an album to sink into, let it envelop you and immerse yourself in the signing, the playing, the lyrics and just imagine yourself being lead away to Holly’s lovely but sad world.

I haven’t heard a slide guitar used so strategically well in a long time, it accentuates and wraps itself around the lyrics in a way I haven’t heard for a while but every arrangement is created as the perfect showcase for Holly’s lyrics and signing. Even the sudden, unexpected, introduction of lush strings just seems natural and like an obvious continuation.

Holly’s voice reminds me of a number of people but is also it’s own unique instrument that, while it may not be everyone’s taste, deserves to be given a chance. When you let yourself stop and listen (which not enough of us do these days) it just draws you in, persuades you that whatever she is signing about in that song is worth your full and undivided attention and is more important that whatever you were planing to do!

A happy party album this is not, so what? It’s beautiful, sumptuous and like a warm blanket wrapped round you on a cold winters night, I’m sure most, if not all of us, have felt like some of these songs sound. My own favourite is 'Who Am I' or the title track 'Not The Girl' but I’m sure you will think there are many other better songs on here.

I know it won’t be everyone’s taste, but, if you are willing to try something new, something atmospheric (there’s that word again but it’s exactly the right word to describe this album) and packed full of emotion then maybe, just maybe, this is an album you should listen to.

If not, give it a go anyway, some of my best musical discoveries have been things I never expected to like but I still did anyway. Holly has clearly put her heart and soul into this album, the least you can do is be kind and listen to it. I know I will again…..

Review - Iain McClay


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