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Hollow Front Release Video For New Single 'Heritage'

Grand Rapids-based, Metalcore outfit Hollow Front will drop their third album 'The Price of Dreaming' on the 27th of May, 2022 via UNFD.

The band have now shared the video for the new single "Heritage." The clip finds the band in performance mode, all the while cutting to close up shots of the members' faces, resulting in a disarming and jarring intimacy that matches the unrelenting ferocity of the music.

Sonically, "Heritage" is a banger. But it also emits a potent and extremely topical message.

"'Heritage' was created as a response to those who validate systemic racism by justifying it under the guise of ‘heritage,'"

the band explains.

"If anyone claims their 'heritage' allows for hate to thrive, and violence against a targeted group of people to be inconsequential, then this song is for them."


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