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His Lordship - 'His Lordship' Album Review


1. All Cranked Up

2. Buzzkill

3. Joyboy

4. The Repenter

5. Rock Fall Echo Dust

6. Cat Call

7. Jackie Works For The NHS

8. I’m So Bored of Being Bored

9. Pixellated Polly

10. I Am In Amsterdam

11. My Brother Is Any Only Child

12. I Live In The City

This album sounds different, unique and special. It’s a very confusing, yet highly enjoyable, mix of Garage Punk, New Wave, Rockabilly and 60’s pop music. If anything it makes me think the Replacements, The Clash, Nick Cave, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley got together one incredible drunken night and decided to make a record together. If that doesn’t intrigue you and make you want to listen I think you may be on the wrong site!

It’s bonkers, but in an absolutely brilliant way,  there is a clear agenda of get in, blow them away and get back out as quickly as you can! Pretty much every song is under 3 minutes and every one is a completely stand alone slice of musical genius. It’s high octane music for people who didn’t realise they needed it but once they hear it they won’t want to stop listening.

This duo both have excellent pedigrees in their own right but when they come together they create something magical, something that makes me want to dance, to pogo, to swing my hips and to throw some shapes.

Current single 'Jackie Works for the NHS' is a prime example of what they are all about but every song is that little but different and life affirming in its own way!

It’s just brilliant, it’s also really hard to explain, this is genuinely something unique, something joyous and something you need to get in your life right now! I haven’t seen them live yet but having listened to this debut album I know who has shot to the top of my must see list, if they are half as good live as they are on record then they will blow the cobwebs away, make you want to hug your fellow man and dance around with them. The word that I keep coming back to is joyous, it’s one of the great things about music, just how quickly it can change your mood, reaffirm that life is good and just somehow make it all better.

This is a band that you need to get in your life. The album is out on the 26th, get your pre-orders in now and make sure you have had plenty of carbs, you’re going to burn them off…..

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Review - Iain McClay


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