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Hey, King! Release Video For New Single 'Sorry'

Songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Natalie London and her partner, vocalist and percussionist Taylor Plecity, approach music with a childlike curiosity and adventurous spirit—fitting for a band named Hey, King! – a phrase from the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are.

Sorry' is a humorous, up-tempo, romp that turns an argument into a love song. In the song’s new music video, an aggravated yet adorable elderly couple rediscovers their love for each other.

“I think now more than ever, after this insane last year, couples know how easy it is to get into tiffs over the tiniest things. 'Sorry' turned the classic, tired, love song on its head, because we wrote it with all the hilarity, frustration, honesty, and ruckus that’s part of our relationship. The truth is we love each other, bickering and all, and as long as the day ends in each other’s arms we feel like the luckiest.”


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