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Halflives – 'Inferno' EP Review


1. Everybody Knows It 2. Sorry Mom x 3. Dynamite 4. EVERYTHING SUCKS! 5. Oblivion

Italian Alternative Rock band Halflives are about to release their latest EP, 'Inferno'. The band have been touring as much as they can recently and have started to build a name for themselves.

So what’s the EP like? Well for a start singer Linda has a tremendous voice and presence, she is perfect for an Alternative Rock band, reminiscent of some other great lead singers, you need to give her a listen but a singer is nothing without songs and a backing band (Halflives are now a solo project from Linda), in both cases Halflives emphatically deliver. They have the songs, they can play and they have an excellent lead singer, they should be preparing for world domination.

For now, however, they are still touring venues where you can get up close and personal with them, take full advantage of it now, it’s hard to see them being there much longer.

How about the EP itself, there isn’t a weak song on it, it’s full of potential indie anthems with attitude, the current single 'Everything Sucks!' is a standout but there are a number of other single releases which give it a strong run for its money, this is one of those EP’s that sweeps up the last year of Halflives (so therefore Linda’s) recording career.

Linda has described this EP as her reflecting her own personal descent to hell, that’s obviously not something I’d wish on anyone but when it produces something this good is it worth it? I know what I think but it’s for each of you and most importantly, Linda herself, to decide.

There is one previously unreleased track on the album, 'Oblivion', it’s really interesting, something a bit different and a sign of possibly where Linda is going next? If it reminded me of anything it’s Evanescence but that’s not quite right. It’s something different, something a bit unique but also very much in the mould of classic Alternative Rock.

If you like something with a bit of attitude, quality songs, guitars turned up and a lot of energy and charisma give this EP a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it!

The big question is where next for Linda, now she’s taken control and decided to make this project her own, how far can she take it, as I’ve said above, personally I think it’s as far as she wants to.

Review - Iain McClay


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