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Gvllow Releases New Single 'It's So Cold'

Gvllow has released brand new single, "It's So Cold". The new track channels the very best of 80s goth and darkwave, offering a spooky, etheral vibe that perfectly offsets the track's lyrical theme.

Speaking on the release of his new track, Gvllow shares,

"I wrote this song back in the beginning of 2023 when it was consistently cold every single day in Southern California.
I was recording in a weird space that I had rented out for a little bit in between moving and it made me realize how much of a home body I am. I love being home, it was freezing outside, and I was having all kinds of weird dreams from melatonin and out came the lyrics for this instrumental I had written for weeks. Dreams about ghosts from my past, being too far away from home, and being cold everyday. Sometimes it takes me weeks to write lyrics to my songs but I've just learned to let them come to me, I don't force it anymore."


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