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Graphic Nature Release Video For New Single 'Killing Floor'

Rising British metallers, Graphic Nature, known for their aggressive contemporary sound, one influenced by nu-metal and early 2000’s metalcore, have announced their highly anticipated debut album ‘a mind waiting to die’, which will be released on February 17, 2023 via Rude Records. To give us a taste of the upcoming release the band have dropped new single and music video for 'Killing Floor'.

"'Killing Floor' is an interesting song,”

explains vocalist Harvey Freeman.

“I wrote the lyrics in a completely different style to any song we’ve ever written before. Usually I write about things that I go through in day to day life, emotions that I struggle with. But this track is very different, I wrote the song from the perspective of a wannabe serial killer…someone that isn’t seen by the public eye but craves the attention and thrill of the consequences that come with killing another human being. The character from the video has watched far too many movies and takes things quite literally. If you’re an avid film watcher you will see many references to certain movies and tv shows like American Psycho, The Zodiac, Joker, Dexter etc. He also based his “mask” on characters like Mankind from WWE and Hush from Batman. There’s a certain dark humour to his movements and actions. How he speaks to himself and dances around the room. He keeps a journal of people he’s stalking currently. He is very amateur but thinks he’s the best at his craft. The song itself is probably one of our more creative songs we’ve written.”


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