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Goat - Boiler Shop, Newcastle 19.04.2023

Trying to review a Goat gig is nigh on impossible as no matter what words you write it doesn’t come close to what you are trying to describe. You can mention the mystery of the costumes and masks, the fuzzed out groove of songs like 'Soon You Die', 'Gathering of Ancient Times' and 'Goatman', the crowd losing themselves to the music from the get go and you’d only just scratch the surface of what you’d just witnessed.

The Swedish 7 piece took the sold out Boiler Shop by storm with their energetic set of psychedelic rock mixed with folk, world music and afrobeat and until you hear them or better still, see them live that description of styles can lead to raised eyebrows but as soon as a track like 'Blow The Horns' kicks in there’s a 'penny drop' moment and a “ yeah I see what you mean". The musicianship is fantastic the two guitarists trading riffs effortlessly while the rhythm section keeps it going like a well tuned engine leaving room for the two vocalists to totally own the stage with their performance.

The crowd were well versed in the material though and were a huge dancing mass from start to finish as one groove led to the next with the aptly titled 'It’s Time For Fun' and 'Disco Fever' giving room for folk to make some shapes on the dance floor.

Time flies when you’re having fun though and in what feels like a blink of an eye the hypnotic 'Let It Bleed' and the raucous guitar riff led 'Run To Your Mama' brings the event to a close and it feels like a lot of people have just had a kind of spiritual cathartic release looking at the smiles and sweaty bodies filing out into the city streets.

Can’t wait until next time!

Just read this through again and like I said at the beginning it doesn’t come close SO GO CHECK THEM OUT SOON AS YOU CAN!!!

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