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Frontier Ruckus Release New Single 'I'm Not The Boy'

Michigan-based indie folk trio Frontier Ruckus have shared their new single “I’m Not The Boy,” from their upcoming album ‘On the Northline’ (out 16 Feb 2024 - pre-order here).

Lead singer and lyricist Matthew Milia observes of the new single:

“‘I'm Not the Boy’ is a really raw encapsulation of the band's identity: long songs that course circuitously through strange chapters. Melodies and moods seemingly at odds with each other, representing a mercurial journey through the Midwestern psyche. This song somehow contains both the darkest and most ebullient moments on the record. It kind of crackles with that neurotic, minor key energy on which we've always thrived, but arrives to this moment of catharsis, this more mature musical rapture, uplifted by Davey's banjo and Zach's lovely horn arrangements.”


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