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Frauds - 'Long Spoons' Album Review


1. Opening Banquet

2. Calorie Count

3. Put 'Em Up

4. The Entire Weekend

5. Copenhagen

6. Money Honey

7. Your Eyes

8. Sweet Martha

9. Woke Life

10. Melchett

11. Tell Her You Miss Her

12. Ships

13. Delorian

One of the best parts of reviewing music is stumbling across your new favourite band. I think that might just have happened.

I’ve been blissfully unaware of Frauds until 'Long Spoons' (their second long player) hit my inbox and quite frankly I’ve not played much else since.

The whole album has a discordant tone to it which makes the listener sit up and listen. As I’m listening I’m picturing Bloc Party, The Futureheads meets Hard-Fi, Riskee & The Ridicule and Sleaford Mods. Long Spoons has an almost theatrical over the top feel to it, it’s witty, loud and clever.

Track three “Put ‘Em Up” puts a smile on my face every time I listen. “I’m a man and I can’t get my shoes on!” Barmy but brilliant. The next track “The Entire Weekend” is even more bonkers. Oh I’m in love, my face hurts because of the perma-smile plastered across it. Ooh and did I mention that delicious thumping bass line running through the album? Marvellous.

Frauds are quite clearly having the time of their life which shows through the album, it feels loose, not overly thought out, it has a flow about it. I don’t want to over analyse the band nor the album, I just want you to listen to them/it.

I’m off to have another listen to the whole blummin' thing, it’s that good. 'Long Spoons' by Frauds gets a five stars from me. Bravo fellas, bravo

Review - Andrew Forcer


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