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For You The Moon Release Video For New Single 'Talk'

Leeds-based newcomers For You The Moon face the harsh reality of post-break up heartache head on with new single “Talk”.

The accompanying video takes the emotional subject matter to astounding new heights with all members of For You The Moon putting themselves in the frame for their first narrative-driven music video.

Isaac Cooter explains further:

Talk” gets straight to the point. The opening lyrics completely encapsulate that painful time post-relationship where you’re watching your life with someone disintegrate in front of you. It’s set in those painful few weeks before you’ve completely let them go and you’re both still talking to each other every day, almost to help ease the pain. I wanted to write a more intimate song that felt like a conversation, dealing with those withdrawal-like symptoms of losing someone but underpinned by the knowledge that it’s better if you both go your separate ways. Sometimes it’s hard to see, or even believe, that at first. And as much as “Talk” is filled with those throwaway lines that you tell yourself to help you get through it, it acknowledges all those feelings of doubt, wondering whether you’ve done the right thing and if you’ll even get through this without that person.”


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