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Finn Askew Releases Video For New Single 'Paranoia'

Finn Askew has today released ‘Paranoia’, the latest single from the carefree Gen Z’er. As the follow up to his alt-soul single ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Paranoia’ is a genre defying party record, with its trap-rock sounds and provocative lyrics.

Determined to give fans a new peak into his world , Finn has spent the past 6 weeks developing the perfect visual to release alongside the song. The video adds a dreamlike and futuristically stylised feel to the upbeat track, and really shows Finn in his element.

Of the track Finn says

“If I was in the form of a song that song would be paranoia. It represents me as an artist the best. When you see the word paranoia you’d probably imagine the song to be pretty dark, that’s what I love about this song cause it’s far from that.”


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