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Feeder Release New Single 'Magpie'

Feeder have released their second track from their upcoming new album 'Torpedo'.

“Magpie” arrives on the heels of last month’s first offering - and album title-track - “Torpedo”, which introduced an era for the band in which they plot a path for themselves toward the light at the end of the tunnel, firmly training their eyes on the horizon, only looking forward.

In the same way that “Torpedo” announced itself in a flurry of heavy and direct guitars, “Magpie” draws on a similarly primal spirit - its lurching, grinding riff laying the foundations for the soaring catharsis of its chorus. Lead singer and guitarist Grant Nicholas comments further on the song:

“I first wrote the riff to Magpie at home during lockdown on my Gibson J45 acoustic. I had an almost heavy dance groove idea in my head when writing it and also when approaching the production, and how to capture this feeling and sound. The lyrics were mainly written on my daily walks and runs to Finsbury Park during lockdown. It was a very observational process for me and mentions my childhood superstition for Magpie birds that I had spotted every day. The song’s chorus touches on the frustration that I think we all feel, and especially felt at that time, about the future in general. It also addresses the impact social media and how it can affect peoples’ belief, dreams and mental wellbeing. We are all kind of servants to the system in some way and our own feelings and emotions - it’s just how each person deals with them in their own way. It’s definitely one of my favourite tracks on the Torpedo album and was fun to write and record some big riffs.”


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