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Feather Trade - 'A Ready Defense' Single Review

Manchester based American band Feather Trade have just released their new single 'A Ready Defense' (their spelling based on the fact they’re Americans I would guess) and have also announced a short UK tour to support the single release, taking in parts of Yorkshire, Nottingham and Oxford.

It a song that builds slowly and eases you in, I’m a sucker for a song that draws you in and reaches a crescendo only to take you up and down during it. This is a fine example of that type of song, it starts slowly and has an almost Temper Trap feel to it, it takes a while to introduce the vocals and the drumming has an almost militaristic quality to it with the vocals at times soaring and at times sinking back into the song in a way that works really well.

It feels poignant and emotional but also almost intellectual, a really interesting combination. Personally I really enjoyed it. Feather Trade are a new band to me but this single has encouraged me to investigate them so more, it soars, it slows, it sinks in and the use of some strings and other instruments towards the end makes it almost free Arcade Fire like but, and this is the important part, it’s not like either of the bands I’ve mentioned, it’s a lovely song, give it a listen right now.

Review - Iain McClay


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