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Erase Theory – 'The Good Kind' EP Review


1. Taking A Beat

2. Man Overboard

3. So They Say

4. The Subtitled

5. The Good Kind

Erase Theory are the new band of Jeff Sahyoun, formerly of Letlive. Having taken a break from music for a few years, stayed off social media, gotten a  9-5 job and gone back to school Jeff slowly but surely rediscovered his passion for music and is now back with this new EP, the second from Erase Theory.

If taking a break from social media, getting a 9-5 job and improving your eduction has this impact on everyone and leads to something this good then I’m going to suggest a lot more musicians should follow that approach.

This EP draws on a number of influences but is a thing of beauty in its own right, punk, rock, electronic and pop sensibilities have been combined to create something outstanding. It’s an EP that deals with really raw emotions and realities but always tries to think positively.

Not always an easy thing to do but Erase Theory have pulled it off with aplomb. There are hints of The Weekend, Limp Bizket, and, bizarrely Coldplay but even stranger two songs in it sounds like the melody of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River has sneaked in a little bit on the vocal styling.

Intrigued? You really should be, this is great, apparently the band  has more songs to release, would it be too much to ask for an album? After all if you don’t ask and all that….

What’s so great about this EP is the punk ethos is still very much central to it but with a clear refusal to consider any boundaries, to conform to what is expected and to follow some form of template, much, much more of this please!

Standout track? Don’t be silly, it’s all of an incredibly high standard, you need to hear it all but if you’re going to make me pick my favourite, which I’m not happy about, it’s a close call between 'The Good Kind' and 'Taking A Beat' with 'The Good Kind' just edging it, but not by much but I have to re-emphasise these isn’t a weak song on this EP!

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