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DREAM NAILS Unveil New Lead Vocalist Leah Kirby

London-based, feminist, queer Punk band DREAM NAILS are finally able to take their self-titled debut album, released via Alcopop! Records and Dine Alone Records in Summer 2020, on the road this autumn. The announcement of the rescheduled tour dates coincides with the unveiling of the band’s new lead vocalist Leah Kirby (they/them pronouns).

Leah’s ethos aligns perfectly with Dream Nails’ and they’re excited to get started, stating:

“I never quite imagined that being a lead singer in a Punk band as phenomenal as Dream Nails would ever happen. But if I’m honest, all the work - from my drag to activism - has led me to this next journey. I’ve always been ‘punk’ but now I get to fall more and more in love with music and songwriting with the most kick ass band by my side. This group of talented, caring, ferocious musicians have welcomed me in and I just wanna build on their community and fans alongside them. I am here to represent myself in all my non-binary finery, black excellence, and trans power. And I get to do that with Dream Nails, who have never ceased to amaze me with their message and heart. What more can I say? I’m so ready! Manifest witches!”

The rest of Dream Nails are equally as enthused:

“We are over the moon to welcome Leah into our coven of punk witches as our new lead singer. We are long time fans of their drag performance as CYRO, plus they are a ridiculously talented artist, playwright, poet, dancer, activist and actor on top of that! Dream Nails fans old and new are going to absolutely love seeing them bring their special and infectious energy, jokes, talent, politics and general fire onstage and off. We’ve just announced our 2021 album tour and can’t wait to play shows again”


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