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Dogtooth - 'The Fear' EP Review


1. All I See Is Grey 2. The Fear (Is Out To Get Us)

3. Served My Time 4. Don't Know Why

This is a blistering, intense EP. It made me want to go to a Dogtooth gig the second I heard it. It’s very much in the Indie Rock mould but it feels like the band wants to bludgeon you into submission with the intensity of their playing, their lyrics, their singing and their general attitude, I, for one, want them to!

The band are proponents of high octane music, they are not going for quiet introspection, they want you to sit up, listen and rock out. It’s a mission that they achieve and them some, it’s a compelling EP that made me want to listen again and again.

There is a soaring quality to the lead vocalists voice that matches the grandiose nature of some of the playing, that’s not a criticism, it works. I think Dogtooth have ambition and a desire to make your heart swell when you listen to their music. They are talented enough to achieve that ambition.

If you want to know what Dogtooth are all about then listen to the first two songs on the EP, if, after that you don’t get it then fair enough, if you do buckle up, the quality remains extremely high throughout.

The question is what next? Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long too find out!

Review - Iain McClay


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