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DMA’s – 'How Many Dreams?' Album Review


1. Everybody's Saying Thursday's The Weekend 2. Get Ravey 3. Fading Like A Picture 4. Jai Alai 5. I Don't Need To Hide 6. Olympia 7. 21 Year Vacancy 8. Dear Future 9. Something We Are Overcoming 10. Forever 11. De Carle 12. How Many Dreams?

The DMA’s have just released their fourth album, 'How Many Dreams?', and it’s brilliant. It builds on their previous work but doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, more evolution than revolution but when your recent songs have been as good as the DMA’s there is absolutely no need for revolution!

If there is one thing this band are great at it's making incredibly listenable, enjoyable music, if some of these songs don’t end up soundtracking this summer there is something very wrong with the world. Throw in their trademark acoustic numbers and the Aussie 3 piece have nailed it again.

Electronica, rock, quality writing, euphoria, brilliant music, it’s all here. I first listened to this album on a day the sun was shining and it caught my mood perfectly, this is just top notch music.

Their last album went to number 4 in the UK charts and number 1 in the Scottish charts, it’s not hard to understand why, the DMA’s are a top quality band who are very much on top of their game with this album.

If you haven’t listened to the DMA’s yet, why not? What’s wrong with you? This is just feel good music which makes you want to get up and dance, at one point it even reminded me on the Chemical Brothers at their best. They are not a one trick euphoric electronic act however, there is so much more to them that that!

When something is this good to listen to it can’t ever be wrong, go buy the ticket, buy the vinyl version of this LP, support this band, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

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Review - Iain McClay


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