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Diesel Boy Release 7-Inch Record With Two Brand-New Songs "Tapes" / "Punk Rock Minivan"

"Tapes" / "Punk Rock Minivan" is out digitally now and physical copies will be available at Diesel Boy's upcoming North American shows.

What singer Dave Lake says about the two songs:

“Tapes": "The song is a love letter to cassettes, my first musical love. What they lacked in fidelity, they made up for in portability and affordability. The Walkman was the iPhone of its day and there was nothing cooler than being able to grab a pair of headphones and take your Duran Duran tape anywhere you wanted. And mixtapes will always be infinitely more romantic than a playlist."
"Punk Rock Minivan": "This is me imagining a road trip with my kids to see all the important punk rock sights across the country. But I don’t own a minivan and my kids don’t care about punk rock. I wish the song had more verses so we could have made a pitstop in Chicago to see the Fireside Bowl and Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio. The song is loosely inspired by Chuck Klosterman’s book “Killing Yourself to Live.”"


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