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Cultura Tres - Parish, Huddersfield 21.09.2023

The Parish, Huddersfield welcomed Cultura Tres, possibly a hidden gem of a band, to the stage on Thursday night with support from two local bands, Sidewinder and Nowt. Each band brought something different and unique to the lineup which pulled a diverse crowd and different energies to each set.

Nowt, a four-piece sludge/doom band from Huddersfield, opened the show in an extreme way. Their sound is best described as a loud, heavy, progressive noise. Intense droning guitar mixed with deep cutting drums, ominous bass line and growling vocal lines, this opener was a gnarly way to start.

Sidewinder took to the stage next. A five piece from Leeds that describe themselves as blackened cross-over; the hardcore, thrash and black metal influences were all there. The set started with a few technical difficulties for guitarist Jonesy, but the band handled it professionally and the crowd got behind them. When that first beat dropped, the energy skyrocketed. The Sidewinder set was packed with blackened blast-beats, headbang worthy riffs and a groovy undertones. The vocals were aggressive and assertive; singer Damo delivering an energetic and fierce performance, choosing to ditch the stage and perform in and amongst the crowd. It was a mixed crowd, but the two-steppers and moshers made the most of the tracks played, including a cover of Slipknot classic, People=Shit.

Set list included; Ashes of Reality, Sub-human Scum and Last Orders.

Headliners Cultura Tres shifted the energy once again to something a little more familiar. A four piece from Maracay, Venezuela, Cultura Tres grew their reputation in the sludge/doom scene but over the years have developed into a strong South American metal sound. Paulo Pinto of Sepultura joined the band in 2019 and brought with him a greater metal influence, and you can tell. There are nods to Sepultura (obviously), Tool and, Fear Factory to name a few.

Huddersfield was the first UK show on this tour and it didn’t disappoint. Drummer, Jerry Cevallos, supplied a solid foundation and didn’t skip a beat throughout the entire set. The Montoya brothers brought the guitar sound, and that sound was 80’s metal. With a sludge/doom heritage and undertone, 80’s style guitar solos should seem out of place but, somehow, it works well. The band snuck in a cheeky cover of Black Sabbath's – 'Black Sabbath' towards the end of the set which didn’t feel out of place and was very much a crowd pleaser.

Cultura Tres are clearly influenced by so many genres and artists but the way that they have blended these styles together is progressive and frankly, it is something else. There’s something for everyone with Cultura Tres and one to watch.

Setlist: Intro, The World and Its Lies, Time is Up, The land, Proxy War, 19 Horas, Day One, Zombies, Black Sabbath, The Smell of Death and, Signs.

Review - Erin Wood


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