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Cradle of Filth Release Video For New Single 'She Is Fire'

As fans anxiously await the studio follow up to Cradle of Filth’s highly-acclaimed 2021 full-length album, 'Existence Is Futile', the Extreme Metal legends, led by iconic frontman Dani Filth, have unleashed a thirst-quencher of epic proportions,

Dani Filth says about the new single,

"This track and the other original track on this album, 'Demon Prince Regent’, were both written after the recording of 'Existence Is Futile' and present a perfect, but not necessarily related, bridge between our Nuclear Blast days and the forthcoming album on Napalm Records. It was always intended to be a double album, so we just thought, ‘f**k it! Let’s cram some original material on there as well! The absolute worst of both worlds! The song itself is about the epitome of burning passion; the dark inspiration of love and the creature that has ignited it."


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