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Paradise Lost - 'At The Mill' Vinyl Review

Tracklist: 1. Widow (Live)

As the Covid Pandemic rolled on it became harder and harder for bands to do much to earn money. If you were a huge band you could afford to ride things out. For the millions of other bands not called Metallica, Iron Maiden, U2 etc you had to find ways to get creative.

Many bands turned to live streaming gigs or doing solo acoustic shows on facebook to earn money and let’s face it the market became totally saturated with bands promoting gigs and you being able to buy virtual tickets to watch said gig.

Paradise Lost held off for quite a while before announcing that they too were going to join this party. So, what we have here is the official live album of the live stream gig accept that this isn’t really a live album.

Ok – explain how is a live album not a live album?

Paradise Lost have released numerous live albums over the years if you hadn’t seen the live stream of this gig you’d probably be thinking just another live album to add to the collection.

This isn’t a head’s up live album its actually something more, there’s zero crowd cheering or interaction with a crowd. What you have in essence is a recorded Jam session, that lacks the usual live album recordings and is in fact really raw. Being so raw really makes this bunch of songs stand out and at times seem heavier than on the studio recordings.

The set is a very well-balanced set covering the majority of their albums and features 3 songs from their most recent album 'Obsidian' (which they’ve yet to play live). I’m sure there are tonnes of other PL songs some people would have preferred to hear but it really is hard to complain with the choice here. The vinyl is really well packaged and comes with a lovely booklet featuring pictures and lyrics from the performance. The only downside to this vinyl release is a lack of DVD, given how cheap it is print DVD’s would it really have killed Nuclear Blast to have added a DVD to the vinyl format as it costs more than CD’s to purchase especially when the CDcomes with a DVD.

Review - Aleutia Shannon


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