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CHERYM Sign To Alcopop! Records + Release New Single 'Kisses On My Cards'

Alcopop! Records are delighted to announce that they have signed hotly-tipped, effervescent Northern Irish Pop

Punk trio CHERYM, and are proud to present their new single ‘Kisses On My Cards’.

Commenting on the track, vocalist Hannah Richardson says:

“‘Kisses On My Cards’ is a Power Pop banger about my hot bi-sexual self falling in love with a guy for the first time in a long time 🤢 All the right signals are there, but both parties are too weird ‘n’ awkward to know how to proceed. It’s an anthem for all hot stubborn gays of the world feeling the emotional pressures of admitting to an attraction without the whole ‘my mate wants to know will you kiss her?’ routine 🤣💖💜💙 .”

Commenting on the signing, Alcopop! Records label manager Jack Clothier said:

“Signing CHERYM was one of those rare positives that came out of 2020, and with it came the realisation that we'd inadvertently started working with one of the nicest (as well as the most exciting) bands coming out of Ireland right now! Taking advantage of a rare non-lockdown moment we popped down to see them in a castle of a studio somewhere outside of Warwick to hear the forthcoming hitz coming together, and it was an absolute dream moment. This band is an embodiment of optimism, inclusivity and everything that's good about the world...they will be your new favourites!”


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