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CHERYM Release Video For New Single 'Alpha Beta Sigma'

Emphatically confirming their arrival in style, NI-based pop punks CHERYM kick off a huge 2024 with the reveal of scintillating new single ‘Alpha Beta Sigma’.

The opening track from their long-awaited debut album 'Take It Or Leave It', set for release on 16th February 2024 via Alcopop! Records, the track is a vitriolic statement on the gender inequality and violence against women which still permeate Irish culture.

Commenting on the single, drummer Alannagh Doherty says:

“We are amidst an ongoing epidemic here in Ireland. Despite modern day Ireland having made some progress in terms of women’s rights, such as the closure of mother and baby homes in the late 1990s and the legalisation of abortion in 2018 (south of Ireland) and 2019 (north of Ireland), what remains is a deeply embedded culture of violence against women.”
“In the last 5 years we have seen a huge rise in gender based crimes against women and girls in this country. We have witnessed the trivialisation of violence and victim-blaming attitudes from the police, the government and the media. ‘Alpha Beta Sigma’ is about how gender inequality permeates every single aspect of our society. It is about the threat that men and patriarchy pose to women in this country. It is about the reclamation of our autonomy and our rights. It’s about freedom from fear and freedom to physical integrity, and overall it’s about having the freedom to just BE a woman.”

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