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Cheap Trick – 'In Another World' Album Review

Tracklist: 1. The Summer Looks Good On You

2. Quit Waking Me Up

3. Another World

4. Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll

5. The Party

6. Final Days

7. So It Goes

8. Light Up The Fire

9. Passing Through

10. Here's Looking At You

11. Another World (Reprise)

12. I'll See You Again

13. Gimme Some Truth

Cheap Trick are one of those bands most people know, whether from a movie soundtrack or some of their excellent earlier work, they are hard working, constantly touring and a great live experience but in terms of writing new music they haven’t been the force they once were for a while.

So here comes a new Cheap Trick album, is it worth listening to? Emphatically YES! This album is their best new material in years. Never mind the sun looking good on them, lockdown has clearly worked wonders for their songwriting.

There has always been a very clear Beatles influence in Cheap Tricks music, it’s obvious again here in what is a melodic, engaging, rocking tour de force. I’m not saying it’s up there with 'I want you to want me' etc but it’s the closest they have come in a long, long time.

What’s really enjoyable is the fact it feels like a focussed body of work. Guitars throwing out classic power chords, check! Classic Power Rock vocals, check! Quality songwriting, check! Pounding drums and bass, check! Feeling the urge to throw some air guitar shapes, I’m not ashamed to say, check!

I suspect a number of people will have written off Cheap Trick as a vintage touring act, that’s a mistake, with this album they show they have still plenty of life left in them. They are planning to tour next year (covid permitting) and I will try really hard to be there, this album is going to sound great live! It also sounds great cranked up loud while I cooked dinner, in the car driving (some of you may have forgotten what that feels like) and anywhere else that the notion to listen to it might take you.

If this album is a sign of things to come with bands being forced to stay at home and work on new material, 2021 could turn out to be a vintage year!

If you’re not sure listen to just one song with an open mind, personally I would recommend 'Quit Waking Me Up', the title track 'Another World', 'Final Days' or 'Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll'.

Review - Iain McClay


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