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Chasing Mallory Return With New Singer

Chasing Mallory are back and mean business with the appointment of new lead singer Remy Faith.

The band say it best below;

In the words of Jay ‘We couldn’t find anyone with balls big enough to replace Ash, so we went with someone with no balls!’ We’d like to welcome our new vocalist Remy Faith to the family! Bringing an entirely new sound and energy to the mix, she’s been a fan for a long time and is stoked to join us. Remy has years of experience across many genres as a vocalist and drummer, and she will certainly bring a new flavour to upcoming releases.

Previous singer Ashley-James Peters made the personal choice to step down as the bands lead singer, in October of last year. Though gone he won't be forgotten and will always hold a place in the bands history with his musical contribution to the band forming their 'Prologue' Album.

Now with Remy at the helm the band have re-recorded their recent single 'End of the World' as a chance to showcase their new sound which we implore you to check out below.


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