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Casket Feeder Release Video For New Single 'Edge Of Collapse'

To celebrate the release of their debut album 'Servants of Violence' which is out now, Casket Feeder are dropping a music video for their new single 'Edge of Collapse'.

Thematically, this song confronts the stark reality of climate change and the ruinous path humanity is being forced down by the inaction of corporations and governments. It's another home run from one of the most exciting bands in the British underground.

Speaking about the music video, the band say:

"Once again we worked closely with our good friend Timfy (Old School Studios) to realise our concept for this video, using some ingenuity along with Timfy and Matt’s combined artistic flair to present a vision of our world in fast decline. We don’t want to give away our secrets too easily, but the more eagle-eyed out there will be able to work out the filming process behind the video."


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