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Bright & Black Release New Song 'Mounts Of Misfortune'

The symphony orchestra project Bright & Black unveils an epic new song 'Mounts of Misfortune', a raw beauty of nordic darkness set in an orchestral landscape. Composed by Erik Danielsson (Watain), arranged by Nico Elgstrand, Jacob Hellner and Eicca Toppinen.

On the new single, composer Erik Danielsson (Watain) comments:

“Getting to compose music to be performed by an orchestra really opened up new creative depths in my being. Following the evolution of my initial demo idea into the final grandiose piece at the capable hands of everyone involved was very inspiring. And ultimately I must say that the end result feels like a quite natural extension of my musical artistry, with my initial idea kept intact throughout the metamorphosis. A unique project with a unique outcome indeed.”


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