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Breed 77 Release Video For New Single 'Outside'

Having returned from their hiatus earlier this year, the UK/Gibraltan flamenco metal maestros are currently in the middle of their first UK tour in ten years. Receiving rapturous responses from audiences at every show so far, it is like they have never been away.

By the band's own admission, they wanted to live for now, to return with a purpose, with new music and not be a band who just came back for nostalgia reasons. Their brand new single Outside shows that Breed 77 are still among the very best when it comes to memorable catchy riffs, thumping bass, huge vocal hooks and even bigger choruses.

Following on from first comeback single End Of The Line, Outside is everything fans would hope for from new Breed 77, with some new touches that make the band sound as relevant in 2024 as they ever have done. Check out the visually spectacular video for Outside below:

To find out a bit more about their new single, we hand over to Breed 77 themselves:

"Outside is a foot-stomping anthem built on slabs of guitars, pounding bass, driving rhythm and soaring vocals delivering the message that it’s OK not to fit in, to feel like a misfit in today’s society. With all that’s going on in the world – from politics to people’s attitudes and values – it’s OK to feel alienated from all the chaos that you encounter daily."


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