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Bowling For Soup Present 'Award Show Taylor Swift'

With their 30th anniversary year kicking off with a blast, an epic UK tour firmly on the horizon, and a brand new US tour also just announced, pop punk legends Bowling For Soup have dug a long lost fan favourite out of the vaults to be their latest single. 

'Award Show Taylor Swift' is a song of legend among Bowling For Soup fans. A long lost b-side which for the last several years has only existed on YouTube, BFS fans have long clamoured for the track to be released to a wider audience and easier access on streaming platforms. Today, it's a case of ask and you shall receive! 

Arguably the biggest star on the planet, Taylor Swift joins esteemed company such as Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer, and WWE multi time women's champion Alexa Bliss in receiving a Bowling For Soup song centred around her.  

Bowling For Soup main man Jaret Reddick explains how the song came to pass, and also makes it very clear that the song is in admiration of Taylor:

“This song came to me as an idea from my long time friend and co-writer Zac Maloy. We were in the process of recording our album 'Lunch, Drunk, Love' at the time, which wasn’t one of our super silly / happy albums when all was said and done. Regardless, we recorded this one and had a blast doing it. We even had fans in the studio when we were recording this song and the ladies got to try out to be the “Oh My Gawd” voice, which resulted in ALL the hilarity.
I am excited to finally get this song released. It has lived on YOUTUBE for over 10 years.
Keep in mind, this song isn’t a dig AT ALL. There is something beautiful about the positivity that Taylor has on the world. And she has done a LOT for artists at a time where things couldn’t be more uncertain! Thanks Ms. Swift! 

- Jaret.


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